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Hello, my name is Ruth King and I would like to welcome you to my site

My ethos is about working with you to help establish good new habits to replace old, bad ones. 

One size doesn’t fit all. Sessions are tailored to the client’s individual needs whether that’s to get fit for a skiing holiday, running a marathon, toning up, putting some “me time” into a busy schedule, or eating more healthily.

I believe each session should be an experience, and I aim to make your sessions varied & enjoyable, that way training becomes a joy not a chore, and good habits become second nature.

I have over 20 years in the fitness industry having started out with some of the bigger chains. It became clear quite quickly that gyms are commercial enterprises geared to making profits, customers are a commodity and this was not something I wanted to be a part of. This was when I took the decision to start my own personal training studio.

I have personal experience of managing and maintaining weight loss, and in 1987 underwent back surgery which has given me good experience of working with back injuries.

I have a degree in Exercise & Health Science and a commitment to ongoing professional development which means my advice to you is based on the most up to date evidence available, not the latest “celebrity” fad.

Ruth King Personal Trainer
  • Personal Training Accreditations
  • Personal Training Accreditations
  • Personal Training Accreditations
  • Personal Training Accreditations

My Studio in Pinkney

My studio is set in the idyllic, tranquil surroundings of Pinkney Park. I am able to offer bespoke personal training sessions in absolute exclusive privacy, away from the hustle & bustle, & prying eyes of the public,  thus eliminating any feelings of insecurity or intimidation often felt in public gyms, whilst at the same time offering all the equipment and facilities you would expect to find in a gym.

What you won’t find are banks of intimidating machines and strange pieces of equipment! In fact many clients have commented over the years, 1-1 sessions with me are nothing like going to the gym!

Pinkney Gym Address

The Hay Barn

Pinkney Park


SN16 0NX

My Facility


Improve your heart health and lose weight with my treadmill workouts.

My Facility


Low impact cardio to improve your fitness and good for losing weight. Sign up for my X-trail workouts.

My Facility

Exercise Bike

Strengthen your legs, improve your fitness and get healthier with my exercise bike workouts.

My Facility

Power Plate

Activate multiple muscle groups at the same time and improve your stability with a powerplate workout.

My Facility

Free Weights

Improve your body composition with free weights.  Become a stronger, fitter you with a free weight routine.

My Facility

Swiss Balls

Improve your core stability and balance with my swiss ball workout routines.

My Facility

Resistance Bands

Build strength by stretching your muscle and keeping them under tension.

My Facility

Pads and Gloves

A great stress reliever, but also good for improving your coordination and cardiovascular endurance.

My Facility

Skipping Rope

Skipping is an excellent way to get fit and lose weight quickly.  You will be skipping those pounds off you.

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personal training images
personal training images
personal training images
personal training images
personal training images

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to be in good shape to start?

Absolutely not. The first step is the hardest & you’ve already taken that by visiting my site. Your programme will be individually tailored to suit your current situation & will be monitored, reviewed & progressed as you feel comfortable.

How often are your sessions?

It’s sometimes a mistake to think that dragging sessions out over a longer period is better. It helps your motivation to see results as quickly as possible, therefore I always suggest sessions should be taken weekly.

Can I have a trial?

30m taster sessions are offered.


Classes offered via Zoom & live sessions.

Personal Training Prices

My aim is to offer you the most effective personal training package.

I can work with clients of all ages, fitness levels, whatever the goals and aspirations maybe

Individual Sessions

Half Hour Session

£30 / half hour

Perfect if you live a busy life and want to book half an hour of my time to help with your goals.

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Individual Sessions

Hour Session

£50 / per hour

Perfect if you live a busy life and want to book an hour of my time to help with your goals.

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10 half sessions

30 Minute Sessions

£220 /10 half sessions

Save money by booking your half hour sessions all together.

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10 full sessions

1 hour sessions

£400 / 10 Full sessions

Save money when you book 10 full sessions at the same time.

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In the Home

3 Month Progression

£150 / 3 Month Plan

Work out at home, stay motivated and track your progress with my 3 month training plan.

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