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Exercise & diet are key to good health & mental wellbeing. Whatever your fitness levels & goals, I can help you eat better & train smarter.

My ethos is about working with you to help establish good new habits to replace old, bad ones.

One size doesn’t fit all. Sessions are tailored to the client’s individual needs whether that’s to get fit for a skiing holiday, running a marathon, toning up, putting some “me time” into a busy schedule, or eating more healthily.

I believe each session should be an experience, and I aim to make your sessions varied & enjoyable, that way training becomes a joy not a chore, and good habits become second nature.

Benefits of Personal Training

People will work with a Personal Trainer in Pinkney for a variety of reasons. Whether you want to develop an individualised programme to support weight loss goals, get in shape, start a particular sport, or simply feel that you would benefit from the additional accountability or instruction, a Personal Trainer is a terrific resource.

Reasons you may benefit from Personal Training

  • Not seeing results
  • Don’t know where to start
  • You’re bored with your workouts
  • You need to be challenged
  • You want to learn how to exercise in your own Motivation
  • Specific illness, injury or condition
  • Sport specific performance
  • You just want to know you’re doing it right

My Studio in Pinkney

My studio is set in the idyllic, tranquil surroundings of Pinkney Park. I am a Personal Trainer in Pinkney and able to offer bespoke personal training sessions in absolute exclusive privacy, away from the hustle & bustle, & prying eyes of the public,  thus eliminating any feelings of insecurity or intimidation often felt in public gyms, whilst at the same time offering all the equipment and facilities you would expect to find in a gym.

What you won’t find are banks of intimidating machines and strange pieces of equipment! In fact many clients have commented over the years, 1-1 sessions with me are nothing like going to the gym!

Pinkney Gym Address

The Hay Barn

Pinkney Park


SN16 0NX

Phone: 07734886275


I am also able to offer Personal Training at Anytime Fitness in Yate

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What Clients Say

Ruth has a deep knowledge of how the body operates and the best ways to exercise. Although I usually feel tired after a session with her, I have never suffered any stiffness or discomfort. She has a very pleasant, positive way of working, which makes exercise periods enjoyable as well as beneficial. I can highly recommend Ruth as a personal trainer to anyone as she has really helped me to a healthier, fitter lifestyle.

Mrs V Cowls

I am writing you this letter to express my gratitude for all you have done over the last few months. I can honestly say I wouldn’t of kept going if it wasn’t for your support. A huge thank you for all the times you encouraged me to stick at it…….. I feel amazing for it, not to mention the weight and inch loss! Truly fantastic!

Miss S Nichol

I highly recommend Ruth King to anyone who wants to lose weight, but more importantly, learn how to be fit for life. Her supportive and understanding approach makes all the difference between having to, and wanting to exercise……Her natural, humanistic and supportive approach to losing weight, training and body conditioning, makes all the difference in motivating you to keep it up yourself.

Mrs L Oliver

From a male perspective, particularly one that has just reached his fifties, I can’t praise Ruth’s mix of one to one sessions and cardio regime highly enough……… My expectations, through gentle, but hard work, we’re expertly and very professionally administered by Ruth and have been comprehensively realised. To top this, symptoms of my arthritic hip have disappeared and the previously inevitable operation has been shelved.

Mr N Dickinson


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